Object matrix release MatroxStore 4.1 at IBC 2019

Object matrix release MatroxStore 4.1 at IBC 2019


Object Matrix don’t normally align their development with trade shows, which frankly I agree with. They don’t rush the product development, ensuring they release a good quality product. That said, it just so happens that Object Matrix have released MatrixStore 4.1 to coincide with IBC 2019.

MatrixStore 4.1 includes expanded hardware certification of the latest Supermicro platform-based processors, as well as certification of the Dell storage server. Already compatible with Cisco’s storage server, customers can now benefit from flexible hardware costings, different hardware support levels and a variety of customisable DELL EMC equipment.

Version 4.1 brings further enhancements and features to MatrixStore Vision, the browser-based search and collaboration tool.   New features enable users to restore objects from Amazon Glacier at a specific restore speed. It also enables the display of offline objects. Making it easy to view the entire library, no matter where content is stored. The upcoming version also features a new player integration, time format options and selects partial restore.

Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix, commented:

“Media storage no longer sits on a server. It sits on-prem, on-cloud, on-100-local-PCs. Our customers need the tools to store assets wherever and however they are needed. The latest version of MatrixStore makes managing storage on itself and across multiple storage platforms easier than ever before.”

Declan Hogan