Adobe tease new feature at IBC 2019

Adobe tease new feature at IBC 2019


Moving nicely onto Adobe Premier Pro, now I know this only works if you just read the Avid Media Composer blog so if you haven’t, read the last paragraph of the Avid Media Composer blog and then continue reading.

Guess what, Adobe have also announced support for ProRes RAW. I guess that’s exciting but I want to write about is the teaser for a new feature coming soon called Auto Reframe.

So many users watch content on a range of different devices. End users are happy to watch their favourite shows on phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Where there is content being watched you will also find adverts, so that means you also have adverts being viewed on a range of devices, which wouldn’t have been 5 or 10 years ago. Now it’s 2019 and as content creators you need to make media that works on any device, regardless of the aspect ratio.

Auto Reframe is a feature for Adobe Premier Pro that uses AI to scan a media file and create a new version based on some of the newer now more commonly used aspect ratios. This means editors can quickly create mobile version of content from media that is being cut for a standard 16:9 screen without having to manually resize every shot. What is even cooler is that this method can also be used on sequences. Now Auto Reframe can create a new sequence from a standard version into multiple different aspect ratios versions. The user can also adjust the AI results if required so they always stay in control. What is even coolerer is that Auto Reframe is intelligent enough to adjust text and other work that may already be on a sequence so the cut down versions look even better on smaller devices.

I’m all for software that speeds up processes and makes people’s lives less stressful, to me Auto Reframe does just that. This is a big one!



Johnny Reed