Avid make huge strides into the graphics space

Avid make huge strides into the graphics space

Formally from the ORAD camp, Avid are driving the integration of their graphics suites with Avid Media Central | Production Management Cloud UX tools and Media Composer. It is clear to see that Avid’s graphics solutions are continuing to make huge strides into the studio graphics space.

Two of the Avid Graphics suite of applications that continue to pique my interest are Maestro | Live and Maestro | PowerWall.

Maestro | Live allows you to build a graphics interface based on the events or data that you are being provided.  Imagine a customised interface for sporting events like basketball or a large council assembly.  The user interface is easily built to locate or organise the graphics, team formations or political party groupings presented in a logical fashion, to allow for quick on-air changes.  The data can also come from a range of dynamic sources.  When it comes to sports, being able to present current accurate and relevant info is critical. Maestro | Live easily connects to real-time sports data feeds-including STATS, Opta, Sportradar, as well as to any scoreboard and clock protocol within the venue. All without programming or scripting. You can then connect data to any graphic with a simple drag and drop. It also supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Excel, Microsoft Access, Text, and XML. These graphics can be moderated then previewed and safely transitioned on-air.

Maestro | PowerWall can control and manage live content in studio displays. It works with any type of display, including LED, LCD, plasma, rear projection, and projector.  LED displays of any shape, size, resolution or aspect are supported.  Using the built-in pixel base router, based on a canvas module, you can quickly “slice” and map any high-resolution source (or Maestro | PowerWall output) to fit each video wall’s unique size and aspect ratio. Plus, you can create content in the actual aspects and orientation of the display that will present it. Enabling you to focus more on creating rather than being concerned by any technical restraints.

The Maestro | PowerWall client UI can be used to trigger live displays using simple user defined templates or automatically using a supported external automation.  It controls all the layers on all the monitors or groups of monitors assigned in each template.  Templates can be easily recalled, viewed on the preview displays and transitioned to air at the touch of a button. Maestro | Powerwall has integration with typical NRCS (Newsroom Control Systems) to provide automated rundown but now has a new Internal rundown featured in the Maestro | PowerWall client.  This rundown also allows for nested groups of events, which can be triggered as a single event.

All the Avid Maestro Suite of products have a common renderer, which is Maestro | Engine and a designer package, Maestro | Designer. This gives overall integration with the wider Media Central Cloud UX platform for unification across the complete production chain.



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Declan Hogan