eMAM launch eMAM Cloud

eMAM launch eMAM Cloud

Empress have been working hard in the run up to IBC, not only do they have a new slogan they also have some new offerings meaning that “You are in control” (in case it isn’t obvious that’s the new slogan).

So, what are eMAM bringing to the asset management party this year? Well it’s all about the cloud. eMAM have launched eMAM Cloud, not surprisingly it kind of does what it says on the tin! A cloud-based offering that will allow users to launch a cloud ecosystem from Amazon AWS marketplace.

The system is easy to deploy and supports a full cloud workflow, as well as a hybrid environment. If you venture over to www.emamcloud.com you will find eMAM Preserve – from here you can store, search and browse your tagged proxies and then when needed securely download them. This is very similar to their on-prem Vault offering.

You will also find eMAM Create, where editors and artists can use the tight integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite to give a truly global collaboration. Be it adding metadata, organising clips or full remote editing. Again, this looks to replicate the on-prem Workgroup offering.

I have to say it’s easy to get MAM blindness as there are so many different products around these days. Does eMAM stand out from the crowd? Well let’s put it this way, they are focused on what they do. They know that they need to offer more than the competition and at the same time need to have simplicity so that the end user doesn’t need mountains of training. I personally like the widgets that they utilise, and the new features seem to be going in the right direction. But at the end of the day it’s your decision- “You are in control”!


Adam Lewiston