Cinedeck make a buzz at IBC 2019!

Cinedeck make a buzz at IBC 2019!



Cinedeck seems to be a bit of a buzz word in the industry at the moment. Anyone that uses their solutions love them and those who currently don’t, want to. It’s not surprising, as for me their USP is that the money and resources that their customers can save when using their products can be re-allocated to other areas of the business. This message goes down well for decision makers and purchasing teams and has aided in Cinedeck achieving great market penetration.

Those that know Cinedeck know they offer insert edit workflows for exported media without the need to re-encode the original file and re-QC the entire file. What users may not know is what Cinedeck will be showcasing at IBC this week, which is the introduction of the Ripple Edit feature to cineXtools. Ripple Edit will allow users to insert new media into already rendered media. Previously, this would have been an over-write only function but with this new feature users can ripple changes to the rest of the file. Practical uses for this feature could be inserting a slate to the start of an exported file where there wasn’t one before without overwriting any of the project. Or inserting commercial break points onto standard exported episode or adding a sequence of black to the end of media. Again, users can continue to work without having to re-render the file as cineXtools is only rewrapping the media – it’s really impressive stuff.

Ripple Edit is currently supported for DNX, XD Cam and Pro Res files, but new to IBC 2019 Cinedeck has announced that they will also have JPEG 2000 file support for Ripple Edit.


Johnny Reed