Visual effects solutions

Over the last 20 years we have provided leading creative studios and independent film makers with visual effects solutions that support their production pipelines. Our team has specialist technology knowledge as well as industry experience making us the experts in this field.

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video editing

Your customers demand a fast workflow, Tyrell have products that let you be creative with the latest video editing software and hardware.


storage and archiving

It’s the centre point of all collaboration, ingesting, editing, transcoding and archive for any facility. The right storage strategy will support an increase in shoot ratios, security and business growth.


asset management

Media asset management platforms are at the core of broadcast, production and corporate facility workflows. It’s a window to your content and helps you to get the most from it.


streaming and encoding

Today’s streaming, live productions and worldwide contribution requires the right solutions to take advantage of corporate networks, public internet, mobile telephone networks and satellite communications.


audio and intercom

Live productions rely on the world best wireless and wired intercom. Solutions that join gallery to studio or remote production to facility.


file transfer

Today’s workflows and security requirements are asking us to look for ways of content between locations and users in the fastest and most secure way possible.


video servers

At either end of the workflow we understand that ingest and playout are critical to a broadcaster’s workflow and so the choice of video server is critical.


workstations, servers and accessories

Whether you have a physical or virtualised strategy the choice of Workstations and Servers is critical to support your workflow and performance needs.


Animation and VFX Software

The right software, render, screen and user interfaces all combine to create an animation pipeline that meets today’s demanding requirements.



OTT (Over-The-Top Media) services are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume video media.



User experience is becoming more important due to ever-evolving viewing behaviours and viewers’ expectation for an interactive video experience.



helping you find the best and most effective solution whatever your business and budget

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