ABonAir – Giving you a better entry level system

ABonAir – Giving you a better entry level system


Users of ABonAir’s wireless camera systems will know how impressive their feature rich products are. Since 2008, ABonAir have developed wireless systems that perfectly cover their customers’ requirements. From the small form factor ‘entry level’ system, the AbonAir 405 all the way to the AbonAir 612 system; offering 4K wireless coverage with camera control, talkback, teleprompter and video return upgrade options. IBC 2019 sees the improvement of the ‘entry level’ system with some interesting additional features and an even more interesting promotional price point.

The AbonAir 405 system is the perfect choice for users who need a simple A to B wireless camera channel with coverage from camera to receiver of up to 750m. These HD systems are used in a range of events from Live Sports coverage to studio monitoring, giving users perfect image quality with ridiculously low 7ms latency. 7ms! I don’t think I can do anything in 7ms. In fact, that’s quicker than it takes for your brain to receive signals from your fingertips. That’s insane!

But what if a user requires camera control over RF as well? Well, in the past they would have to look at the more feature rich AbonAir 512 system, which offers a different form factor that may not suit the customer’s needs. That was until IBC 2019.

The ABonAir 405 now ships with camera control functionality for most of the major camera brands in use today including Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, GV and Hitachi. It also has promotional pricing, which means it’s cheaper than the previous AbonAir 405 unit. Yes, you read that right, a new feature has been added and the price has gone down. Amazing!

There really is no reason why you wouldn’t want to see this product in action – well maybe if you don’t use wireless cameras. But those that do, or currently don’t because they thought it was price prohibitive really should get in touch with us. You will be pleased you did.

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Johnny Reed