Telestream hit IBC running!

Telestream hit IBC running!

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Where to start with Telestream, it’s not like this blog will go anyway towards aiding in their market exposure as they are already so huge. But I still think it’s still worth talking about them and what they are up to as they are one of the major trailblazers in our industry.

This year it’s all about peace of mind.

With the introduction of the new high density 1RU Lightspeed Live appliance Telestream are offering their customers the reassurance that they are protected against hardware/software failures. “Lightspeed Live Stream provides system-level redundancy with standby channels held in reserve in case of hardware or software failures”. The system also benefits from dual encoder and dual publishing capabilities to ensure that their broadcast and OTT streaming service provider’s content always gets to the origin server and CDN (content delivery network).

At IBC 2019 visitors to the Telestream booth will be excited to see demonstrations of SRT Hub Workflow. You may be wondering what SRT stands for, well, wait no more, it’s Secure, Reliable Transport- you’re welcome for that nugget of information.

In all seriousness SRT workflow is a Haivision protocol to route signals through unmanaged internet connections as an alternative to potentially expensive satellite, purpose-built fibre or proprietary transport systems. These expensive video links are a headache for many productions so it’s nice to see some refreshed thinking hitting the market.

Telestream are showcasing Vantage Cloud Port and OptiQ Channel connected to Haivision’s SRT Hub Cloud Media Routing Service running on Azure. It’s a complete end to end workflow utilising the power of Telestream’s on-prem systems with the now incredibly powerful cloud attachments on offer. The advance of using SRT with Cloud Port means that media can be prepped for “editing, archiving, sub-clipping and live to VOD transformation regardless of where media is originating with no need for proprietary protocols and hardware.”


Johnny Reed