Bryan Malone

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tyrell MD, Bryan Malone to discuss what led him to co-founding Tyrell and the continued passion for technology that still drives him

Greg Abell

If you ever get to ask Tyrell Pre-Sales Engineer, Greg Abell to describe himself, the answer will invariably be that he’s strikingly handsome and also really, really funny. A modest start then…

Chris Luff

With a penchant for boxing, cycling, motorcycling and skiing, it might be prudent to assume that Tyrell Account Manager, Chris, enjoys life in the fast lane.

Johnny Reed

Tyrell’s own resident David Beckham, Johnny once scored a goal from the half-way line during one particularly fervent game of senior school football.

Adam Lewiston

Anyone who knows Adam will surely tell you that he’s a determined and tenacious soul, which is why it will come as little surprise to learn that as a post-graduate...

Dan Muchmore

It is a little known fact about Dan that he started out life with a dream of playing rock’n’roll to arenas full of adoring crowds. However,

Ross MacSween

A self-proclaimed problem solver, Ross started out with a degree in Art and Design but always had a passion for technology...

Tyrell promotes Lynn Keegan to Chief Operating Officer

Lynn will oversee all customer-facing departments including Customer Support, Professional Services and Operations as well as Technology and Innovation for Tyrell.