Avid show new Media Composer at IBC 2019

Avid show new Media Composer at IBC 2019

Media Composer is a great piece of software. In fact I wrote an article about it along with Avid’s recent product releases a couple of months ago.

IBC 2019 as always brought demonstrations of Media Composer’s new features for users to stare at in awe. Visitors to this year’s show were greeted with the news of extended codec support for ProRes RAW and Blackmagic RAW. Blackmagic RAW has been widely praised by early adopters and initial reports suggested this would only work with DaVinci Resolve- it’s great for the industry that that is not the case. ProRes support points to a greater relationship between Avid and Apple – think back to Apple’s Mac Pro unveiling with ProTools cards. This hints more at Apple’s stance to back the professional market than perhaps it says about for Avid. But still it’s exciting for our industry going forward to see what these two giants come up with next.

Bulk Edit was also a feature being showcased at IBC, which allows users to apply text in a bin column to multiple clips at a time. To be honest not much for anyone to get too excited about, but still a nice touch. However, Avid did promise improved workflows between Media Composer and Adobe’s Premier Pro; focused around sequence exchanging. Now take a step back from this announcement and this again shows Avid are in the mood for putting their customers first. Gone are the days of Media Composer being hands down the most used NLE in the market and instead of locking their Media Composer customers further into an Avid proprietary workflow, they are investing time and resources into opening up the software to 3rd parties. This only goes to benefit the end user and I’m all for this.

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Johnny Reed