Streamstar launches the New Streamstar NDX 

Streamstar launches the New Streamstar NDX 

LiveU IBC 2019

Since the acquisition of LiveU earlier this year by a private equity firm, LiveU’s mission to enable content creators to move their pictures around the world is alive and well.

Intinor at IBC 2019

Intinor is great but a bloody nightmare to blog about, press is not their strong suit and new product releases are few and far between. I prefer to read this as an impressive confidence in their platform than a failing in PR but it would be nice if they made more of a noise because it’s a product everyone concerned with content distribution should take a look at.

Telestream hit IBC running!

Introduction of the new high density 1RU Lightspeed Live appliance Telestream are offering their customers the reassurance that they are protected against hardware/software failures.

ABonAir – Giving you a better entry level system

Users of ABonAir’s wireless camera systems will know how impressive their feature rich products are. Since 2008, ABonAir have developed wireless systems that perfectly cover their customers’ requirements.