It looks like it’s going to be a big year for EditShare at IBC

It looks like it’s going to be a big year for EditShare at IBC

EditShare-logoEFS 2020 is a new version of its file system and the management console which comes with some pretty noticeable changes. The most significant is the claim that it offers up to a 20% throughput increase. This is huge boost considering it’s only from software changes and not hardware upgrades. They’ve achieved this by writing their own ultra-efficient EFS drivers specifically designed for media applications and bypassing traditional IT SMB mounting.

The other big feature is the EFS 2020 File Auditing. They claim its “the first and only real-time purpose-built content auditing platform for the entire production workflow”. Now for 90% of EditShare users they probably don’t care about this, but their IT team will. Security is now a huge issue, (the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones was pirated 55 million times in just 24 hours, now that’s a lot of lost revenue). With shared servers even with strict access control in place media is often needed by multiple users and in multiple locations and that’s where file auditing becomes such a huge function.  By allowing files and assets to be tracked during the entire process becomes a great security feature.

Just another couple of notable mentions:

FLOW 2020: has introduced AI which allows recognisable people and objects to be automatically indexed, which if accurate will really speed up logging. It can also automatically transcribe audio into text-based transcriptions. Combined with support for vendors such as Amazon, Google, Azure as well as lots of others its makes Flow 2020 an even more powerful tool.

QSCAN: Qscan now natively connect with Editshare EFS Spaces means it can QC content directly from the project space. The Quick analysis option is going to be a popular function as a user just needs to select a pre-designed template and file(s) then start analysis. So, no need to create a project.


Ross MacSween