Security in the Media Industry

10 years ago Security in the Media Industry was a slightly easier beast to control, an entire production could go from start to finish without ever needing to directly access the internet.

But nowadays with the explosion of Tapeless Workflows and delivery, to remove internet access could potentially cripple a production. so that raises the question, what can be done to stay secure?

Unfortunately its not always so easy to enforce security policies on production machines, I mean if you take a look at some Avid requirements alone; you disable the Firewall, disable Antivirus and disable updates, great for Avid software… but not too great for the security.

This is where consulting professionals like Tyrell can help to minimize the risk by coming up with improved security measures.

Did you notice how in that last sentence I said ‘minimize the risk’ and not remove it entirely?

The harsh reality is sometimes no matter how well protected you are you can still become a victim to cyber-attacks, corruption, and/or hardware failure, this is the brutal truth there is no avoiding it, and this is why backups are so essential.

Often the significance of them are overlooked and to be honest, I can appreciate why. You are paying for something that you hope will be unnecessary, something that just sits there in the rack, it often provides no extra features to your core setup, but much like a fire extinguisher when you need it, you’ll be grateful you have it!

This is why nearly all storage manufacturers like Editshare, Object Matrix, Facilis, and Promax have some backup/archiving options built into their systems, however there are 2 critical things to consider when planning a backup solution can often be overlooked:

  • How current is the backup, this is obvious and goes without saying (I hope!), a backup that is 6 months out of date is worthless.
  • How long will it take to restore? It’s all well and good having your 100TB saved to The Cloud, but how long will that take to download on a 50mb/s connection so you can start working again? can you restore from LTO in time or switch to a replicated storage?

Backups aren’t a glamorous area but they are essential! 
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