FileCatalyst – reinventing file transfer

FileCatalyst – reinventing file transfer

FileCatalyst have made some tweaks to their software, FileCatalyst Direct3.8 now includes n5 that allows the filesetsto go into the millions with no impact on memory. It looks like they’ve also improved the WEB UI’s on pretty much all of their products to make them more compatible and snappier.


They’ve also added users and groups to FileCatalyst Central rather than the admin/read only options which it previously had. This is clearly a useful feature for largescale multi-sitedeploymentswhere you want to be able to have more control than they need to. Although I can’t think of any installsof this scale in the M&E sector but then that could just be a matter of time.

Finally (drum roll please…) the big one at IBC is going to be the European reveal of FileCatalyst SPACES. FileCatalyst has always beengood value formoney,butit may have just got even better! They’re now offering a low-costSaaS model without the need to sign up to a longcontract.This is a great option for those looking at options for file deliveryas you have the flexibility of using in house storage,or cloud storage e.g. Amazon, Wasabi, etcor Storage Cloud direct from Filecatalyst.It even comes with the option(at a cost)of Hotfolder automation which is a nice bonus. From what I’ve seen this adds up toa really affordable solution. Youcancreate a branded portal for users tolog into foruploadingfiles,collaborate on files or even email a link to the files.

Oh, and before I forget there’s that small point that it’s using their awesome Award Winning UDP file delivery system so it’s super quick! I probably should have mentioned that to begin with.

Ross MacSween