Editshare Event at the BFI London

BFI London

Tyrell presented the first UK showing of EditShare’s brand new standalone version of Flow MAM software – BFI London – 17/7/2018. In a bold move Editshare has made their Flow asset management storage agnostic with a flexible subscription based price-structure. Making it easier for companies to bridge different sites, storage silos and make the most of their valuable content. James Richings, co MD of Editshare EMEA gave a company presentation to a full house of representatives from Production Companies, Post and Broadcast. Iain Churchill-Coleman followed up with a technical presentation of the new platform.

Uniting Disperate Storage

Designed for non-EditShare production storage one of Flow’s key features is that it is a fully software defined MAM platform which can be integrated with any storage system.

Flow has been completely re-engineered to maximise the value of customers’ existing storage infrastructure by adding an intelligent media management layer that can manage millions of assets across multiple storage tiers in different locations. A common theme in the room was how reassuring it was to benefit from the advantages of Flow and it’s pricing structure without being forced into a new storage eco-system.At the core of Flow lie several workflow engines that enable collaboration through Ingest, Search, Review, Logging, Editing and Delivery, alongside a powerful workflow automation engine for automating tasks such as transcoding and delivery.

Remote Workflow Features

Flow’s award-winning remote workflow features also provide the ability to review and approve content remotely, edit content on a timeline with voice-over, and effects from anywhere in the world. Flow is making  the world smaller and reducing multiple workflow steps into one single action.

The Tyrell Take

User Interface – Editshare has delivered an easy to understand User Experience which looks excellent!

Price – Competitively priced subscription-based structure for as little as £20 per user per month.

Flexibility – User numbers can be changed, with the ability to ‘spin up and spin down’ as required.

Potential – enables Remote Production for applications such as Live Sport and Reality TV.

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