EditShare FLOW v2021.4

EditShare have released FLOW v 2021.4 which sees a further migration away from a dedicated software application to a web-based client. Here is our take on this new release: 

  • EFS Control- migration away from a dedicated software application with more features being migrated to a new web-based access.
  • Displays capacity and other storage metrics as well as the ability to rename media spaces.
  • Ability to pre-populate to Active Directory for role based access and ADSSO for single sign on. Support for DNS to interact with Active Directory servers.
  • ‘Maintenance Mode’ for administering Avid MFX and Avid spaces.
  • Health, Audit and Monitoring- this release has a full dashboard showing file, workspace and FLOW system events. The daily health report also includes server information.
  • EditShare Connect
    • Graphical interface available for Linux (CentOS 6-8, Debian 9-10 and Ubuntu 16-20) rather than command line.
    • Supports M1 through Rosetta stone emulation.
  • EditShare Licensing Service (ELS)
    • First introduced with version 2020 to license Flow. EVS v2021.4 adds the ability to license a single or a cluster of services which greatly simplifies the licensing of servers instead of dongle licensing.
  • Flow Control
    • Updated user interface including new colour and vertical navigation bar on the left.
    • Supports streaming audio previews via webrtc.
    • Extended camera manufacturer metadata profiles, includes EXIF, XML and JSON profiles. And support for Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Arri and JPEG.
  • FLOW Application
    • AirFLOW
      • Bulk metadata update in search results.
      • Search results include sequence market comments
    • FLOW Story
      • Improvements to drag and drop into NLE.
    • FLOW Automation
      • Improvements for face recognition in Mobius AI. You can now add your talent to the database to train the AI further.
    • FLOW Ingest
      • Support for NDI Sources across subnets.
    • FLOW Panels
      • Ability to deselect all proxies when importing in bulk. This is in addition to the ‘apply to all’.

Contact your Account Manager or our sales team on sales@tyrellcct.com to discuss upgrading to v.2021.4 or watch this video to learn more.