Avid: Storage

Avid: Storage

So far there haven’t been any big announcements or launches from Avid with regards to storage, but the safe bet will be Avid will be doing a big push towards Avid NEXIS | CLOUDSPACES. Unfortunately this is one of those products that integrates really well, so well in fact that it’s pretty unimpressive in demos! There are no flashy panels or clicky buttons. The only thing you’ll really notice is in the Management console of the Avid Nexis it says ‘cloudSG’ and ‘onprmSG’.  So good luck to Avid trying to put together a snazzy Powerpoint with that!

CLOUDSPACES is one of those products that you can only really appreciate when you start using it. This basically means Avid will be pushing to sign up as many users to the 2TB trial as possible. As only then will people see how it integrates and to be fair it does a fantastic job of merging into the GUI of a Nexis. All you need is an existing E5, E5 NL, E4, E2, E2 SSD, or PRO system. Of course, if you don’t already have an Avid Nexis then Tyrell will be more than happy to sell you one.

It doesn’t look like there are any other major announcements around the storage side most of the focus will be on the Media Central. no big software updates anymore as they trickle out monthly. The range and flexibility for Nexis covers most requirements that users would ever have so I can’t see them doing any major changes anytime soon,

I’m also sure they’ll be trying to convince the last few ISIS users that’s its finally time to move onto Nexis. (and throwing in a CLOUDSPACES trial too!)

Ross MacSween