Intinor’s Latest Product Releases 

Intinor’s Latest Product Releases


Swedish encoder specialists Intinor have given their encoder and router hardware a steroid boost with two new heavyweight solutions. Plus, the introduction of a smaller NDI only encoder.  

For the last few years Intinor have excelled in the e-sports market and with facilities, as they both have complex encoding requirements. With the introduction of the two new higher density units Intinor have now moved ahead of their competition, which is really exciting to see 

All units link together using Intinor’s Bifrost technology which guarantees very low latency communication between each unit and an incredible ability to maintain signal quality in the event of very heavy network errors.  


New Hardware: 

Direkt Link 400+ Rack Encoder– the encoder on steroids! 

  • Up to 12 Simultaneous SDI Inputs 
  • Up to 12 Encoder Profiles 
  • Multiview license options 
  • Return Video license options 
  • 4-wire IFB Intercom license options 
  • Up to 4k60p 

Direkt Link NDI Rack– for the smaller production, Microsoft Teams/ Zoom solution 

  • 2 NDI Inputs (can be upgraded to 4 NDI Inputs) 
  • 16 Audio Channels 
  • 1 Encoder Profile (can be upgraded to 6 encoders) 


Direkt Router Rack+ – The Swedish Army Knife 

  • 12 SDI/NDI Inputs our Outputs 
  • VPN for Remote PTZ Control, Tally etc 

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