Intinor at IBC 2019

Intinor at IBC 2019

Intinor is great but a bloody nightmare to blog about, press is not their strong suit and new product releases are few and far between. I prefer to read this as an impressive confidence in their platform than a failing in PR but it would be nice if they made more of a noise because it’s a product everyone concerned with content distribution should take a look at.

In a sentence their product range is a robust and cheap way to create your own content distribution network leveraging the flexibility and low-cost public or leased networks for transport. Baseband rack encoders, receivers and routers can deliver high quality and high frame rate video over the internet with easily deployable workflows for remote commentary that has big deployments on the continent. 4G mobile encoders make a compelling case against the established CDN Op-Ex model in remote contribution. With Intinor you own the system and configure it as you like.

It’s telling that Intinor have made big inroads into the E-Sports market, a tech-aware and disruptive sector in our industry. Companies like ESL have largely eschewed the traditional baseband fibre and satellite providers for a new model that allow them flexibility and scale.

ESL Director of Streaming, Steven Jalicy, said, “We wanted a solution that could dynamically scale and deliver high quality and high reliability without generating out of control service costs and technology bottlenecks. Furthermore, we wanted the future capacity and potential to merge our online and linear workflows into a single ecosystem.

“To achieve this, we needed a hardware system that was protocol and service agnostic. Something we could build into our own infrastructure and workflows to deliver traditional linear content to traditional linear takers, but deploy it using the same concepts that have been so successful for ESL when it comes to delivering content to our core audience on online platforms.”

Intinor can also be a high-quality B-Circuit for traditional broadcast when the snow starts to fall or some douchebag shuts the door on your fibre loom. With a Direct Link in your truck and Direct Router in your MCR, if you have a WAN connection or a 4G you can still be live. If you’d like to see what Intinor can do for your infrastructure, then please get in touch with one of our team.

Greg Abell