Intinor showcases its growing product range at NAB 2019

We’re a bit baby mad at Tyrell at the moment, with two new Tyrell babies appearing in the last month, and another one on the way, it’s fair to say we’re hyper aware of cute bundles of joy at the moment. Which leads us nicely into Intinor’s own bundle of joy, the new baby Intinor Router Lite!

Ok granted, it’s not that cute to look at, but it’s price could bring some joy to people looking for a scalable remote-commentary solution, or for those of you in the Newtek world, it’s a great way to pull remote feeds in via NDI. You can check out some interesting use-cases here for further inspiration.

As well as the baby version the Router line of products, Vision Mixer and Video Router capability has been added to the grown-up Router range, which saw a full release at NAB 2019. Plus, having been lucky enough to see the Beta being demoed at BVE this year, it struck us how a receiver/encoder can now become quite a powerful IP MCR hub.

An important factor to note is that the updated router functionality would be an ideal, and cost-effective, solution as an MCR hub for remote contribution, as you can see all of your remote feeds and route them either out to IP destinations or break out on baseband 3G SDI. All of this can be redundant over public networks with best in class error correction via Intinor’s partners Bifrost. The router functionality has essentially always been there, and although the new UI is a great addition, perhaps the more interesting announcement from Intinor has been the development of the software Vision Mixer that can be controlled by a customisable X-Keys module.

The Vision Mixer also allows you to turn the Intinor Router into an IP master control mixer and thus becomes a really attractive way for IP contributers to control feeds in a professional way – especially for those in the E-Sports market where relaible 1080 60p overpublic netowork is essential.

On last addition to have been revealed at NAB 2019, is the smart rackmount 4G modem option. You can fill this thing with 8 4G SIMs for bonded or redundant connectivity. It might seem a bit weird to have this in a rack, but one of the natural habitats for an Intinor product is in an OB truck as a high quality backup to satellite or fiber feeds. So, should the thunder come, or if that digger cuts through the line, this little box could become a very valuable, and cost-effective way, to keep you online.