Why Innovation has always secured our industry’s future

Why Innovation has always secured our industry’s future

In 2015 ‘the cloud’ entered IBC through the back door of Hall 7. If this year’s event had gone ahead most of the manufactures would have been actively demonstrating their solutions on it. Meaning the entire expo would have relied on the cloud for their product presentations.

2015 was also the year that I started to try and understand what Tyrell’s cloud position was going to be. That’s when the journey to today really started for us. After lots of conversations with vendors, customers and colleagues, I am proud to share tms – tyrell media services.


tms is a range of bespoke, reliable, scalable cloud services that will naturally sit in our portfolio of products and services for the media and entertainment industry. It will be a part of our presales and technical conversations and we will continue to explore your requirements and devise the right solution and when appropriate introduce you to the tms services.

But more importantly we have developed these services around our sales team. This allows us to quickly put real numbers around each service.  Our goal is to quote our customers within the same day of scoping out the requirements. Whether that’s a 100-terabyte high speed file delivery solution or a remote pop-up facility for a week, with 20 remote edit suites on 60TB of shared storage. We still want to make media simple.

Remote production & remote collaboration 

Maybe the one positive to come out of COVID-19 has been the impact of change on our industry. It has certainly accelerated our thinking and allowed us the time to consider what is possible with technology. Remote production and remote collaboration have changed forever. We’ve spent time over the last 6 months innovating and we’ve developed some obvious use cases, which in turn have developed into tms. This allows companies the space and time to consider what they do next, as the ‘normal’ landscape has changed and continues to develop at a rapid pace.

We believe that the cloud or the supernova (cloud explosion) will provide any company with the ability to grow their business or at least temporarily expand by removing the capital risk. By using any of the tms services, businesses will be able to retain their customers without the risk of investing in infrastructure to service a job.

Give us a call or drop us an email to see how we can help you take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud offers.



Bryan Malone