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Intinor has a problem. Thankfully for someone working with the product in presales and support it’s not technical. In fact, it’s one of the most robust and flexible bits of IP infrastructure I’ve come across. The problem is that it does so much it’s hard to define where it should sit in the marketplace. The IBC headlines and press releases from Intinor have been muted, much like the hardware units the ingenious staff of this company sit there quietly, working hard without making too much of a fuss. So maybe I can add a bit of bluster on their behalf.

The Direkt family of products come in 3 flavours. Direkt Link which encodes SDI and sends via several IP protocols, Direkt Receiver which, surprisingly receives and decodes to baseband SDI and Direckt Router which can receive, re-encode, transcode, break out to SDI.

Direkt link are Intinor’s encoders. These come in the form of 1 or 2 U rack units capable of taking up to 8 SDI inputs if you need to send content from your facility or for the mobile contributors Direkt field units can send bonded streams over 4, 4G modems or wired Ethernet connections with the option of 12V power.

Intinor Direkt receivers are MPEG2/H.264 decoders which receive MPEG streams via IP networks and transform them to video and audio.

Intinor Direkt router 2000IP buffers and redistributes compressed video over IP networks. Direkt routers are used for connecting video links, to change IP streams between unicast and multicast or to add or remove error correction

There is no shortage of solutions out there that give companies the power to deliver their own content over IP including the public internet. There is however a shortage of solutions that put full ownership of the delivery chain into the customer’s hands. Intinor is different. In the tradition of Swedish neutrality their systems don’t use any proprietary transport methods meaning you can combine a Link field unit with a 3rd party receiver. Create a RTMP stream from a PC and pull it down into SDI with a Direkt Receiver or most powerfully use a Direkt Router as your IP distribution hub and push or pull RTMP, use the transcode features to re-clock a stream and push out to a different territory in anything up to 1080 60p on up to 8 SDI outputs with the knowledge that you’re not

And maybe best of all, this flexibility and power comes without the need for a pricy subscription. Unlike some competitors, when you invest in Intinor you own the full distribution chain so there’s no need for any services from the hardware provider. If you know your networks, you can stream when you like for as long as you like.

We’ve placed Intinor in some of the UK’s biggest broadcasters as well as with smaller, more niche sectors all with great results.

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Greg Abell

Pre-Sales Engineer – Tyrell CCT