Clear-Com go big at IBC 2019

Clear-Com go big at IBC 2019

It has been a while since Clear-Com came to the market with something as big as they did at IBC this year, and boy did they go big.


This year Clear-Com came to IBC with a real swagger, a confidence and an excitement behind their new releases. This could be seen with the new fresher stand design and staff wearing jeans with jackets. They even had a VR racing simulator on their stand to celebrate their recent motorsports success, in Formula E, WEC and the DTM Series. Enough waffle, what exactly has given Clear-Com this new found confidence and funk?


FreeSpeak has been around for at least 15 years and goes as far back as the Drake days (one for the older crew among us). It really is the father of wireless comms and Clear-Com have had a long time to develop this product. Each time they come to the market with a change it makes massive waves. We were introduced to the addition to the FreeSpeak family at IBC, a new belt pack and transceiver called FreeSpeak Edge. In this product Clear-Com are aiming their sights clearly at stadiums, heavy multi-path venues and a move into a new license free range.


Now down to the details:


  • 5Ghz License free. Clear-Com have taken advantage of new codecs on the market that actually benefit from multipath to negotiate its link with its base. This is the first area that sets it apart from its FreeSpeak brothers and more importantly for us, its competition. Using only two available channels at IBC, I witnessed the most incredible range and performance. In the development of FreeSpeak Edge Clear-Com focused on some of the hardest venues in the world to ensure its performance.


  • Highest audio bandwidth and the lowest latency. Boom! This is where FreeSpeak Edge shows off. It sounds absolutely incredible at 12kHz audio and 50msec belt pack to belt pack (the longest latency in the chain). Standing face to face with one of my Clear-Com buddies could not present any delay. For hours of use this belt pack will make love with your ears.


  • 100 belt packs and 64 transceivers. 10 Belt packs per Transceiver. Currently only available on the IPA IP card and therefore matrix based but a betting man will put money on a standalone version, hopefully soon. I did watch the corners of their eyes to see what they gave away. Transceivers to matrix is based on AES67 so, this really I the lowest latency and highest density wireless system on the market.


  • Multi button- the new belt pack has a new mechanical design and more programmable keys.


In other news, Clear-Com have launched a lite version of their Delta 4U matrix. This will allow users to buy into their modular range but have limited it by license, single CPU and power supply, 2 of the 4 slots active etc. A nice touch and good to see Clear-Com see value in licensing features for those that want them.


Aaaaaand last but not least, Clear-Com’s matrix system is full SMPTE 2110-30 compliant, which means they have the densest all IP matrix on the market that is capable of AES67 communication with its products and MOST importantly, external AES67 sources. Add to that Clear-Com are the only intercom manufacturer to have an intercom panel that is capable of AES67, G.722 and analogue in the same panel without needing extra panel cards. This makes them the top player in IP comms.


Roll on 2020, the player in blue is going to have a storming season and I am glad Tyrell are going to be part of it.



Dan Muchmore