StorageDNA offer true value at IBC 2019

StorageDNA offer true value at IBC 2019

Hands up if you are managing multiple levels of storage? Hands up if you are constantly fighting the battle against the use of inappropriate storage tiers being used for files that should be stored elsewhere? Hands up if you are not sure what you can move and what you cannot? Hands up if you believe you are trying to keep a handle on what can be best described as an unmanaged storage environment?

If you put your hands up to any of these then you are amongst friends. We are all trying to manage our data as best as we or our businesses can.

StorageDNA are one of the two Tyrell partners that sees the growth of shoot ratios, growing field drives, Tier 1 and nearline storage tiers, LTO and the growing use of Object (on prem or cloud) storage as an area for them to offer true value. They have spotted an opportunity to move away from multiple tools being used such as camera card management, back up tools, transfers to cloud etc and offer a single application to manage all these requirements.

DNAFabric is this tool, a subscription service that aims to provide:

  • Indexing, reporting and statistics on how your storage is being used. How many times have you had to justify capex for more storage, which very few F.Ds like paying for? Detail reporting allows you to demonstrate true storage usage from the logic volume down to project level for recharge J!
  • Data movement- a grouping of  tools to aid the copying or movement of files. Providing Back & DR to local, WAN or cloud solutions. Lastly, StorageDNA’s major plus point is the migration or archiving down to the folder or Avid or Adobe project level. This last point is for all of you, who are not sure if they are moving all the relevant files or if the project is finished or on hold for a while. Enabling you to drive the movement of that project and its associated files to more cost effective storage.
  • Search and conform tools. Browse all storage locations, search for file or metadata and perform conform.

An article of this kind isn’t here to spell out every feature. For a start I bore easy so wouldn’t get through the typing exercise. I would challenge you to ask questions of yourself and your storage usage. We all deal with storage management anxiety. DNAFabric is here to calm and ease us of our affliction. Let DNAFabric’s ease of use of managing  growing file storage or inappropriate storage usage or rationalisation of file movement tools into one simple elegant solution.

Dan Muchmore