LiveU Aircontrol and LU800 Firmware Update


LiveU has recently launched AirControl, which simplifies the operation of managing all elements of incoming contribution feeds. It can be used with existing LiveU hardware or commercial off the shelf items such as laptops, tablets and phones.  

LiveU Aircontrol

Air Control serves as a single collaboration platform for everyone involved in the production, including engineers, editorial, anchors, reporters, announcers, and guests, removing risk and complexity. The cloud platform acts as an orchestration and transmission layer to get the live feeds into the system, while giving crews the tools to manage all the human elements. 

LU800 New Hardware Revision and Firmware

As a result of internal hardware updates, in June 2021 LiveU will start shipping LU800 units based on the new hardware revision.  

Units with the new hardware will have the same specifications and will not include any new features, improvements or bug fixes compared to the existing units in the field. This is just a “running change” in the manufacturing process.  

There is no change in any of the SLA agreements due to this change and LiveU will keep supporting these products until further notice.  

Below are the main changes and implications for any units that contain the new hardware:  

  • These units can operate only with version 8.6.3 or higher. Downgrading the SW version from LiveU Central is blocked for these units. 
  • These units can transmit to servers with SW version 8.6.x or above. 
  • These units will be marked with a “C” in the SN. For example, 80C120-12345. 
  • Units will also be marked with “Min SW ver 8.6.3” sticker. 
  • The change is applicable for both LU800-HDR and LU800-PRO platforms.


Want to know more? 

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