Remote contribution for fixed and mobile links over SRT and 5G

Remote Contribution webinar

Tyrell will be hosting a live webinar with our partners Haivision and  AVIWEST to discuss the applications and benefits of remote contribution for fixed and mobile links over SRT and 5G.

As AVIWEST are now part of the Haivision group there is a wider ecosystem that you can benefit from.  Along with Simon Wocka, Account Manager Tyrell, he will be joined by Selwyn Jans, Senior Sales Engineer, Haivision, Ronan Poullaouec, CTO, AVIWEST and Anthony Concannon, Sales Director, Haivision Group.

For anyone involved in live sports, events, music and remote production this webinar is a must see. You will learn about the technical and commercial benefits of leveraging the Haivision group of products to achieve broadcast quality results from mobile or fixed points with 5G and SRT technology.

There is a special offer for attendees looking to make purchases for this year’s up coming events which we will be announcing at the end of the webinar.

Date: Thursday 16th June

Time: 2pm

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