LiveU NAB 2024

LiveU Studio

LiveU EcoSystem

LiveU has really stepped up their game with the LiveU EcoSystem, offering a seamless end-to-end solution for live video production and distribution. 

It’s impressive how they’ve integrated hardware encoders, cloud-based production tools like LiveU Studio, and distribution capabilities with LiveU Matrix. All underpinned by their reliable streaming protocol, LRT. 

The flexibility of LiveU Studio being entirely cloud-native and scalable is a game-changer for broadcasters and content creators alike.

With features like live switching, audio mixing, overlays, graphics, and remote guest management it streamlines the production process and enables high-quality live shows directly from a web browser. The ability to distribute to multiple digital destinations simultaneously enhances audience reach and engagement. 

LiveU Matrix

LiveU Matrix addresses the challenges of global distribution by providing a cloud-native platform for sharing and receiving live feeds with minimal latency. By leveraging the power of the public internet, it offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional distribution methods like leased lines or satellite uplinks. Making it accessible to broadcasters worldwide. 

The option to rent or subscribe to the entire suite of products on a pay-per-use basis further underscores LiveU’s commitment to providing accessible and flexible solutions for live video production.

With their comprehensive EcoSystem, they’re well-positioned to meet the high demands of this year’s major live events, political elections and The Olympic Games. Empowering broadcasters to deliver high-quality content to audiences everywhere. 

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