Intinor Direkt Series Software Update


Intinor, Sweden’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of IP infrastructure has released an update to their Direkt Series software. This release includes an ultra-low latency feature which, is capable of delivering in less than half a second end-to-end for complex contribution links.

Customers can now benefit from the same low latency they get with a Zoom call, but with zero compromise on the full broadcast quality audio and video that today’s audiences demand.   

Intinor, along with AVIWEST and LiveU are sending the message that remote productions need to be made easier, with remote configuration and system control to aid a smaller and perhaps less technical remote teams. 

Other features that help with remote interviews include: 

  • VPN for tally and PTZ 
  • Synchronised streams (NTP) 
  • Remote configuration through ISS (no need for on-site technician) 
  • Network bonding (true point to point – no cloud) 

Another great addition to the Direkt Series is the introduction of ‘Multi Stream Sync’ with a fixed end-to-end delay on the same encoder or across multiple encoders from different cameras. Enabling you to achieve exact frame sync between the cameras on the receiver.   

Want to know more? 

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