Avid NAB 2024

Avid NAB

NAB Show 2024 was all about AI and Avid are leading the charge with Avid Ada. This collection of AI-powered tools has been designed to enhance workflows for everyone, and it was the focal point of Avid’s message at this year’s NAB Show.


Amongst its AI offerings is a chatbot integrated into MediaCentral Cloud UX, which includes automated speech-to-text transcription, summarisation, and language translation. As well as existing tools such as PhraseFind AI and ScriptSync AI in Avid Media Composer and facial detection and scene recognition in Avid MediaCentral. 

Not forgetting Avid Huddle which enables you to provide feedback instantly in an online in-person way.

Avid also showcased its 3rd party partnerships which included:

  • Avid Lens To First Edit Cloud Production with Haivision and First Mile Technologies.  
  • Dailies with Autodesk Flow Capture and Marquis
  • Lightweight asset management with ioMoVo Corp
  • Ingest and archive with Spectra Logic 
  • VFX with Doom Solutions LLC 
  • Integration with StorageDNA

Avid Stream IO

On the ingest side there was an update to Avid Stream IO, which allows broadcasters to ingest and playout in whatever format they want, whether that is SDI, IP, low res to UHD in 2,4 and 8 channel. All in a simple annual subscription. 

MediaCentral | Cloud UX

With MediaCentral | Cloud UX you can write a script, record their voiceover to the timeline, and then ask the AI service to identify relevant footage that matches a selected section of the story.

Pro Tools 

For our audio customers there have been quite a few developments.

These include Dropbox Replay integration with Pro Tools, which enables users to accelerate review and approval workflows. As well as immersive audio workflows, including live re-renders for Dolby Laboratories Atmos using Pro Tools’ internal renderer. 

But the one we’ve been waiting for is the saving of Pro Tools sessions as Media Composer compatible files. Complete with sample-accurate volume and pan information and markers. Users can drag and drop Pro Tools sessions directly into Media Composer bins. 

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