Introducing MediaKind

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MediaKind is a new brand for Tyrell, so we wanted to introduce their range of encoders and decoders to you.


The CE Mini and CE1 MediaKind’s encoders launched in Q4 2020. They both feature AVC/HEVC encoding, TS/HLS/RTSP/RTMP/Zixi/SRT outputs and our products highlights are outlined below.  

CE Mini 

CE mini

The CE Mini is marketed for ad hoc news or events, when operators need an easy set up solution to transmit live content to a network. The CE Mini is a cost-effective single channel (HDMI or SDI input) SD/HD 4:2:0 contribution encoder.   


CE1 image

The CE1 is aimed at event providers or 3rd Party mezzanine content contributors. From a nuts and bolts perspective the CE1 supports 4:2:2, Quad Channel HD (Quad 3G or 12G), 4Kp60 and 32 channels of audio. The CE1 supports redundant ST2110 input support + SRT output for contribution over the internet. 

Where the CE1 really starts to get interesting is that the CE1 is the only contribution encoder that Tyrell represents that supports 128 Bit BISS CA encrypted encoding.

Why is this important?

In a recent report its is believed that over a third of football viewers in the UK are watching live matches via unofficial sources.  This means that the MediaKind CE1 can be used directly at an OB to transmit streams and manage rights from the source against piracy.

BISS CA an open standard is unique in the way it manages cyrpographic keys, encryption and broadcasting of the unit serial details to allow broadcasters to permit receiving of the streams from a box but with the inclusion of watermarking be able to identify where the piracy leak originated. Other than the I/O and transport capability BISS CA support is the most important reason to look at the CE1.  



RX1 image

The RX1 is MediaKind’s swiss army knife decoder. It is available as a MediaKind Appliance software only for installation on your own COTS hardware and more importantly for future proofing as a cloud service. The RX1 is a an ultra-low latency decoder supporting a range of I/O, Satellite, baseband and most importantly SRT input and SMTPE2110 output. The RX1 is capable of UHD (4k) HEVC, HD HEVC and MPEG-4 AVC compressed streams, whether 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, 8 bit or 10 bit.  

The RX1 is qualified to receive Premier League Production content and supports BISS-CA decryption for protection from piracy with its CE1 or 3rd party encoders.  

Want to know more? 

Contact our streaming and encoding experts at Tyrell on, 0207 148 6200 or +353 (1) 888 1118.