Cinedeck – Supporting Flexible Ingest Workflows

Cinedeck have taken a bold step towards decoupling their ingest server capability from their own tin by providing CD2 software, enabling you to get all the benefits of Cinedeck ingest but on your COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) hardware. To make this easier, Cindeck have also opened capture card qualification to include Blackmagic alongside the more enterprise options of Bluefish and Aja.  

Cindeck are also pioneering a multi-cam shoot with flexible ingest to on-premise storage and simultaneous cloud ingest without the usual transcoding step.  

If you’ve never looked at Cinedeck’s ingest servers then here are 5 reasons why we think you should: 

  • Form factor– the all-inclusive ZX85 12G all capable deck through to the all I.P LX ingest server.
  • Insert Edit– easily overlooked but the servers act like a tape deck enabling you to do a live insert edit, regardless of any file type wrapped as MXF OpAtom, Op1a or MOV files. 
  • Simultaneous Master and Proxy recording– your selected master and a H.264 proxy. 
  • SRT and SDI– the great thing about Cinedeck Ingest servers is that they all support SRT and NDI as input sources with 3G/12G and IP-2110 available on the ZX units. 
  • They support the largest range of codecs– AVC-I, DNxHD & DNxHR (all), DPX,  H.264, JPEG2000, JFIF, IMX, Pro-Res (All), XAVC – I, XDCAM50 and the following wrappers AVI, DPP, QT, Op1A, OpAtom. 


Contact to discuss Cinedeck Ingest Servers and arrange a trial with our demo units.