Haivision NAB 2024

Haivision Hub 360

Haivision made a few interesting announcements at NAB 2024. Here are our top two!

Haivision Hub 360

Haivision have really stepped into the enterprise contribution world with Haivision Hub 360, a cloud-based master control solution.

With Haivision Hub 360 you can:

  • Let onsite crews focus on capturing and not tinkering with equipment. 
  • Remotely control, configure and upgrade Pro and Air Mobile transmitters, Makito encoders and MoJo Pro mobile apps.
  • Access user friendly MCR Grid for drag and drop of incoming sources to SDI, NDI, ST2110, SST and SRT destinations.
  • Monitor stream quality and device health with real time statistics.
  • Organise devices and users into groups dedicated to a specific event/production for grouped management.
  • Instantly scale workflow by spinning up StreamHub cloud instances when capacity is required!

Avid Lens To First Edit Cloud Production

Haivision and First Mile Technologies have joined forces to deliver content to Avid Media Composer or Edit-On-Demand with speed and quality. 

Haivision have integrated the incredible Pro460 5G mobile transmitter with First Mile’s ‘MEILI’.

The Pro460 ingests the video as well as the extensive metadata supplied by First Mile Technologies Meili Creation-to-Cloud camera mounted, data capture device. Metadata enriched image files are shared automatically to automate workflows like relinking, conform, and more.

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