Telestream Announces QC Promo

Telestream QC

Telestream are offering existing  Vidchecker  and Aurora customers a 35% discount when they purchase the complimentary ‘sister’ product. Perfect if you need extra capacity or time saving correction features.   

It’s becoming more and more important to ensure quality with file-based media and it is essential that your quality control products are catching problems early.  Enabling you to drive efficiency and cost savings in your workflows. Telestream’s QC products Vidchecker and Aurora offer an extensive, up to date range of quality tests for audio, video and file containers. Both products are equipped with a set of default test templates and ideal for OTT platforms and broadcasters, as you will be able to quickly identify content that do not meet requirements.  

For more information or take advantage of this promo that ends on 31st December 2020 email