Limited Time Wacom Bundle

For a limited period Tyrell and Wacom are pleased to share an exclusive offer of an additional free accessory when you purchase a Cintq 22″ or Cintiq Pro 24”. All Cintiq’s are supplied with a Pro Pen 2, however until the 30th September 2021 you will also get the following with every purchase:

  • Free ExpressKey Remote (ACK-411050) with each purchase of a Cintiq 22” (DTK2260K0A). A saving of £89.99/€99.90. 
  • Free Pro pen Slim (KP301E00DZ ) with each purchase of a Cintiq Pro 24” (DTK2420)  A saving of £79.99/€89.90 

To find out more or to take advantage of the promo Contact quoting ‘Tyrell Wacom Promotion’ in the subject line. Or call +44 (0) 207 1486200 or +353 (1) 888 1118.