Facilis Launches Facilis Edge Sync

Facilis Launches Facilis Edge Sync

Facilis Edge Sync


Facilis has made a significant addition to their storage range with Facilis Edge Sync, which provides real time synchronisation between facility and remote sites. This has been launched to support the increasing requirement to fulfil remote post production workflows.  

Facilis Object Cloud is setup on the Facilis Server and a Microsoft Azure database service manages synchronisation of the on-premise server and the remote site running an Edge Node license. With the Facilis Edge Node installed in remote locations, the path of the media files and project files are the same. Whether you’re working infacility or at home. Any changes or additions to the project files is instantly updated in every location.  

For non-Avid workflows this Edge license runs on a PC workstation running its own storage which looks and feels like the on-premise Facilis server file structure. For Mac/Linux users or if emulating the Avid FS workflow, Facilis has the Edge Node. A mini Facilis Hub Server that acts a gateway to the Facilis Object Cloud offering an Avid FS to the Mac client.  

Users on Facilis Edge are presented with project directories and stub files that can either be pre-fetched from a folder on the main server to hydrate a file or wait till a sequence requires the files for it to hydrate. Certain folders on the Facilis Server can also be set to automatic syncing instead of manual sync. This flexibility means that the Edge site can use the minimum amount of storage required for the project. The clearing of the local Edge cache can either be automated based on user defined periods or by right clicking on the Edge directory to flush the local file system leaving behind the stub files. Making for a very clever workflow. 

Facilis have had a good hard look at what facilities need in order to maintain business continuity through COVID restrictions and more broadly how to manage the need to provide remote production support,” commented Dan Muchmore, Sales & Marketing Director for Tyrell. Facilis Edge takes an innovative approach by maintaining the project structure of the on-premise server at the remote site. Through cloud services, users are able to keep the same facility workflows they are used to and do not to worry about having to manage alternative workflows for on-premise and remote editing. 


For more information or to place an order email sales@tyrellcct.com