Telestream’s New Releases

Telestream’s New Releases

In the past few months, Telestream have made some significant product releases and announced some great promos. So, we thought we would summarise what has been released and give you the lowdown here.

GLIM- Play the unplayable! 

Telestream recently launched GLIM and we have been really keen to play with this solution. Its release could not be more timely, as we are always actively looking for ways to make remote working for our customers easier and GLIM does just that. 

GLIM offers remote playback of any file, container and colour space in a web browser. It supports playback of any media file that Switch or Vantage can play or decode. It also supports: frame scrubbing, stepping and ancillary data such as 607/78 Metadata, timecode, SCTE whilst also supporting playback of audio only formats, TGA Sequences and IMF CPL. 

Why is this unique?

Being able to playback the unplayable high resolution and high bit rate media files remotely through a common browser, whilst not being restricted by VPN or facility infrastructure and avoiding downloads and transcoding, is a game changer. It offers a facility absolute agility for the easy monitoring of rushes, work in progress or reviewing complete projects.

After all, in the most challenging of business conditions doing things effectively and efficiently must be our priority. 


Telestream have also refreshed their industry leading Lightspeed family of products with a few very interesting new features and a couple of new Lightspeed models.  

Feature Additions 

  • Live Edit Sub Clipping– make frame accurate clips from live or previously captured sources using Lightspeed Capture and Lightspeed Stream. Publish through Vantage.
  • Live Play– confidence monitoring application for Lightspeed Capture that plays back static or growing files.
  • Live Schedule– Advance scheduler for Lightspeed Capture that can handle multiple channels, single and multiple servers.

The two new Lightspeed models include: 

  • 8 Channel- that can handle challenging formats like XAVC, DnxHR, and 4K formats up to 60p 
  • 2 Channel– economical solution for any capture or stream- use where density for the cost is important. Perfect for applications like trucks and live events. 

End of Year Offers: 

To support the release of the new Lightspeed solutions, Telestream are offering very attractive discounts till the end of the year.  Contact us to find out more. 



Telestream Vantage

The beast that is Vantage- Telestream’s flagship workflow automation solution has had countless new feature additions.  These include:

  • Transcode Additions 
    • Grass Valley Canopus HQ/HQX Content Support (also supported in Telestream Cloud Port) 
    • FFVI Encoding (also supported in Telestream Cloud Port) 
    • Dolby Vision and HDR support (also supported in Telestream Cloud Port) 
    • Colorfront Colour Space Filter- their excellent colour space converter directly in Vantage.
    • Cloud Port support by the end of 2020. 
  • 3rd Party Integration 
    • Integration into 
    • Grass Valley Alchemist Integration 
    • Nielsen pre rendered watermarking for VOD and OTT, minutes following live broadcast.  
  • Vantage Does IMF 
    • IMF Support 
    • IMF Creation –create imf packages (primary) with multiple assets and audio tracks. 
    • IMF Ingest- of simple or complex IMF packages to output ‘Flattened’ media deliverables.
    • Create and edit ‘Master’ and supplemental IMF packages using Adobe Premiere. 
  • And finally, further Avid support 
    • Support for Avid PMR files alleviating lengthy rescans by Media Composer, allowing new files to be immediately available. 


Aurora & Vidchecker 

Telestream QC

Telestream are dominating the QC market with Aurora and Vidchecker being brothers in arms. Both products are scalable, have an industry range of QC tests and are designed with HDR/UHD and IMF in mind. Recent updates include: 

  •  Vidchecker 
    • GLIM Integration for remote QC review. 
    • Dual mono audio detection. 
    • HDR PSE Testing (1702-2)… Industry First! 
  • Aurora 
    • Audio track layout testing 
    • HDR Limit/Area tests 
    • Colour range metadata test 

End of Year Offers: 

  • 50% off any license purchase before 15th December 2020.
  • 35% discount when you purchase the complimentary ‘sister’ product before the 31st December 2020.  

Contact on +44 (0) 207 148 6201 or +353 (1) 888 1118 to discuss your requirements, request a demo or for pricing.