Telestream’s OpitQ offers impressive Channel-as-a-Service

There’s more excitement from NAB as visitors to the Telestream stand will also see their new Channel-as-a-Service package called OpitQ – and trust us, it’s impressive.

OTT is a video market which has seen a huge growth over the last few years, which has mainly been driven by our audiences changing their viewing habits. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have proven you can survive as a solely web-based content provider and this has opened the flood gates for streaming live events and the need to get more content online.

Capturing this audience often means content producers/providers will build their own OTT channels for a project, something that can usually take months and months. Plus, when you also factor in that these platforms are normally used for one off events, then the whole process becomes financially, time and labour prohibitive. The result? Streaming events that could be captivating audiences online being dropped.

OpitQ offers cloud based Channel-as-a-Service with instant channel creation, multi-cloud support and integrated monitoring, all within a self-healing video architecture. Being in the cloud means enjoying greater flexibility for your events without hardware limitations as OptiQ employs the latest encoding and packaging capabilities for video streaming. This live or file based channel service is extremely easy to set up and offers peace of mind when things go wrong. The self-healing features, coupled with worldwide monitoring, ensures that any errors on the stream will be flagged up quickly and fixed automatically, which greatly improves the experience, both as a user and the viewer.

The team at Tyrell genuinely believe that this is a great addition for Telestream, the fact that you can now spin up and down a channel on a ‘pay as you go’ basis as and when you require? That’s genius! Plus it means that we will likely see more content online. Content that offers greater revenue opportunities for content providers but also offers a bigger audience for more niche events, which really is fantastic news for everyone.