Telestream reveal Next Level Approach for Hybrid on-prem and Cloud Media Production Workflows

So, whilst NAB is in full swing, Telestream have been busy showcasing two new additions to their already impressive portfolio. If you’re lucky enough to be attending NAB this month, then you’ll no doubt have seen the live demos on Vantage Cloud Port, Telestream’s next level approach for hybrid media production workflows.

Here at Tyrell we speak to a lot of companies with a lot of on-prem kit who are looking to cloud-based workflows as the next logical step for their technical planning. It’s clear to us that these conversations usually highlight 3 key areas of concern:

– What is done with the current on-prem equipment and services?

– What are the ongoing costs for cloud migration?

– Do an ‘idyllic’ complete cloud-based media workflows even exist?

More often than not, there is much back and forth highlighting what similar companies have done, our experience with cloud workflows and what products are actually available to them. Usually, a hybrid of the current on-prem systems boosted by cloud offerings is the resulting preferred conclusion. However, this in itself presents a cloud (excuse the pun) over budget planning as it can be very difficult to gauge how and when you will need to boost your on-prem capabilities with cloud services and all of the costs associated with that.

It’s fair to say that the majority of media users have already dipped their toes in the pool of Cloud workflows with Cloud storage, as services such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure have made Cloud backup, or DR, a very useful feature. But, they are just a gateway drug. In phase 2 of cloud integration, we are now seeing a demand to spin-up services in the cloud for those workflow spikes that on-prem kit can’t handle, or will take too long to process.

Vantage Cloud Port utilises version-matched Vantage processing engines in the cloud to scale-up your on-prem hardware, as and when you desire it. This hybrid feature for new and existing Vantage customers also unlocks additional cloud-based actions that your on-prem system may not have a license for. Couple this with the ability to decide when and how these cloud capitalises are utilised, means Telestream Vantage customers have an easy expansion option, their already ground breaking video tool. Simples.

We realise that Cloud is all about cost. Some companies move to Cloud to save money, some do not as its too expensive. Either way, cloud workflows are very hard to predict, and no one wants to be slapped with a huge unexpected bill. This is where Telestream Cloud Point excels as it makes the whole experience easy. Customers know with confidence what their cost per minute is when ramping up processing power as they can utilise accurate, predicted SaaS costs per minute for those all-important productions.

We’re all for putting customers first, it’s what we do on a daily basis at Tyrell. We find solutions for our customers that are cost effective vs requirements, but can easily be scaled-up to ensure that our customers are seamlessly catered for now, and in the future.  The bigger picture is always in the back of our mind when we pitch a system, and it’s great to see that easy to manage Cloud additions are coming to the market to boost the customers experience – without breaking the budget.

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