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Intinor Direkt Series Software Update 

Intinor latest software release includes a low latency feature

LiveU Aircontrol and LU800 Firmware Update

LiveU has recently launched AirControl and announced firmware update for LU800


A lot has been happening at AVIWEST HQ

Haivision aquires AVIWEST

Haivision announces their acquisition of AVIWEST

AVIWEST Releases PRO460 5G Transmitter 

AVIWEST releases the PRO460 a 4K/UHD or multi-camera HD production encoder

Haivision Makito Updates

Haivision makes Maktio Updates including 25% Lower Latency and HDR Decode

AVIWEST New Hardware & Software  

AVIWEST releases RACK400 & StreamHub Live Guest

LiveU Version 9

LiveU launches Version 9, which includes SRT Output from all LiveU Servers

Tyrell and Haivision form new partnership  

Tyrell and Haivision form new partnership  
Wildmoka New Partner

Tyrell and Wildmoka join forces

Tyrell and Wildmoka join forces to begin a partner channel relationship for UK Ireland