aviwest product update


A lot has been happening at AVIWEST HQ including the recent acquisition by Haivision. So we have pulled together an update for you with all the information on their new products including LiveGuest, new features and software updates.

SRT from Encoder

Up till now it was the function of the StreamHub Video Transceiver to re-encode an incoming stream to SRT.  AVIWEST Pro3, Air and Rack Series Encoders will see a significant upgrade release in March allowing the units to behave as an SRT source, without the need for a StreamHub. The encoders SRT capability bypassing StreamHub will be limited to:  

  • SRT transmission via ETHERNET only (not cellular nor Wifi).
  • Point to point support (one destination, not multiple destinations)


The latest addition to the AVIWEST contribution range is AVIWEST’s new video calls solution. LiveGuest empowers professional broadcasters to create engaging and innovative content for their audience by inviting remote guests to join a live video call directly integrated to their production system. 

AVIWEST LiveGuest image

 Features include: 

  • No software required 
  • Seamless integration with your production system 
  • Video return from studio to guest 
  • Output in SDI, NDI, SRT, RTMP & more 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Rental Offer

Rental Packages for the FIFA World Cup 2022 are now available.  contact sales@tyrellcct.com to find out more.

AVIWEST Software Releases

Here is the lowdown on all the AVIWEST software releases:

MOJOPRO application is now fully qualified on the new version of iOS 15.

Rack400- New 4K UHD/Multi HD Video Contribution Encoder StreamHub v4.0.0 includes several security enhancements and vulnerability issues fixes. AVIWEST strongly recommends that customers apply this update on all their StreamHub units as soon as possible. 


New functionalities:

  • Single 4K/UHD or multi-HD (x4) encoder 
  • H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC formats in CBR and VBR 
  • 8 Audio channels 
  • Internal test patterns (circle, bar, black frame) 
  • Live and simultaneous Recording 
  • Transmission over unmanaged IP network 
  • Latency down to 500ms 
  • Full HD Video return 
  • Full duplex Intercom/IFB 
  • Data bridge 


StreamHub v4.0.0 (and later version) 

StreamHub High Performance Live Video Transceiver 


New functionalities:  

  • New user interface (HTML 5) 
  • All-new RACK4 supported 
  • LiveGuest solution supported (live interviews from a web browser) 
  • NDI inputs and outputs supported 
  • Security enhancements 
  • Video encoders improvements 
  • Video return feeds sharing between several StreamHub units 

And much more…


  • MANAGER v3.5.1 
  • RACK4 v1.0.0 
  • PRO3 Series v4.1.1 
  • AIR Series v4.1.1 
  • HE4000 v1.2.0_RC8 and v1.5.0_B2 
  • PRO1 Series v2.8.9 
  • MOJOPRO iOS v4.0.3 
  • MOJOPRO Android v2.0.1 

Want to know more? 

Contact our streaming and encoding experts at Tyrell on sales@tyrellcct.com, 0207 148 6200 or +353 (1) 888 1118.