Haivision Makito Updates

Anyone who has used a Makito SRT Encoder/Decoder will be familiar with the elegant build quality and I/O presentation. Leading the market in SRT transport the Makito 1.3 release takes the 4 channel and single channel encoder/decoders to another level.  

Haivision recently added HDR Encode to the Makito X4 and X1 and now importantly HDR decode added for end to end HDR support.  

An important factor in live broadcast and post workflows is latency. With this release Haivision introduces slice-based encoding of HEVC and H.264 video for lower latency. Latency is significantly reduced, especially with high bitrate content. Each of the slices are streamed as soon as they are encoded. The Makito X4 video decoder can then decode the individual slices as they arrive over an IP network, without having to wait for the entire frame.  

 More details on the Makito 1.3 release are: 

  • Enhanced Video Quality – support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) video encoding for video contribution to complete the highest quality camera to production workflow. 
  • Lower Latency – up to 25% reduction in the amount of time to encode video by taking advantage of advanced slice-based encoding techniques. 
  • Increased Timing Precision – enabling synchronised multiple-camera streaming for real-time on-premise or cloud-native live broadcast production. 
  • HEVC over RTSP – a uniquely capable, extremely high performance, and high picture quality alternative to fuel video management software (VMS) platforms. 

We will be hosting a ‘Remote Grading with Haivision’ webinar soon, where this topic will be explored further. Keep an eye on tyrellcct.com/webinars/ for further details.  

Tyrell is Haivision’s exclusive reseller in the UK & Ireland so contact our sales team on sales@tyrellcct.com to discuss encoding and SRT workflows.