AVIWEST New Hardware & Software


AVIWEST has announced a new hardware and software release and we have all the information below:

RACK400 4K UHD & Multi HD HEVC/H.264 Encoder

This release replaces the previous HE4000 4 UHD/HD channel rack.

Why is this an important release for AVIWEST? 

  • Its small!! Half Rack width and 4.4cm high with dual PSU!
  • Introduction of intercom
  • Ability to switch unit UI from Single or 4 channel mode. Start/stop of all four channel encodes simultaneously or individually from the front panel. 
  • 1x Ultra 4k or 4xHD. Full sync for multi-camera productions with genlock.
  • Ease of use for remote deployed units- Automatic live start and remote configuration of the unit via browser.
  • Full HD and Sub second latency Video return from studio via onboard HDMI .
  • Record and Rec/Forward feature added which is already on the mobile encoders.

StreamHub Live Guest– AVIWEST have launched a web based remote guest feature which is priced from €790 per year. 

Less complex than Zoom and Skype links, you can easily issue your guest with a password protected link. The Live Guest feature integrates with StreamHub as one of the inputs which means once in the StreamHub environment the signal can be encoded and redistributed via any IP transport. 

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