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Nearly every buzz word on all that literature you’ve brought back from IBC this year at some point will involve a product like Teradici. You’ve been told how all your Media Composers will be in a blade server and how Telestream and how Amazon Cloud can house and stream your media. But to get that media in front of the part of the chain that makes good programs, a talented editor and producer, you’re going to need Teradici’s help.

PC-over-IP, developed by Teradici, is the protocol that will allow you to house all your processing power in a central location and have users spanning sites over WAN networks with nothing more than a mobile phone sized client strapped to their monitors, all the while feeling like they have the power and speed of a noisy workstation at their feet.

While none of this is exactly breaking news (viable solutions based on PCoIP have been around for about a decade), it’s only recently that media companies have been adopting this model in big numbers.

To meet this surge in demand Teradici have launched a new subscription model to the market which could make the transition much simpler and more attractive to those yet to make the leap.

All Access allows subscribers to choose major public cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, or Google or an on-premises VMware environment to host their applications and services and access them from any zero client via the PCoIP protocol.

Teradici are aiming this specifically at high resolution video and VFX workflows with an eye to the business needs of media companies. With centralised infrastructure, zero clients can be deployed and struck with short notice making your workforce as fluid as the work you’re winning.

Teradici PCoIP technology allows for freedom to choose from the leading cloud providers, or use a hybrid or on-premises setup. Meaning it is a great tool to help you move your existing tech into the apps room and give your facility a new flexible lease of life or take the jump into entirely cloud based environments and have the ultimate freedom from on-site server infrastructure.

What this means for the industry could fill a book but I think it’s safe to say that before you know it you’ll be using technology designed by Teradici

Details on the four All Access subscription plans are as follows:

  • Desktop Access is designed for VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces environments and includes software, resources and support from the Teradici team to manage and optimize and future-proof your zero-client deployment. Desktop Access features include 24 x 7 support, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, zero client firmware and security updates, as well as three Cloud Access Software licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.
  • Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus includes Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses with the latest PCoIP protocol optimizations for Windows or Linux with options to support standard or graphics-intensive workloads. This bundle also includes the benefits of Desktop Access, including Management Console Enterprise and zero client firmware updates. Cloud Access Plus is specifically designed for high-performance workloads that require a GPU or other advanced capabilities.
  • Workstation Access is designed for Remote Workstation Card users. This plan is similar to Desktop Access, with the addition of firmware, support and security updates for the Remote Workstation Card. Workstation Access also includes three Cloud Access Software Graphics licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.

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Greg Abell – Pre-Sales Engineer – Tyrell CCT