Tyrell joins IABM BAM Live webinar

Tyrell joins IABM BAM Live webinar

Tyrell were honoured to be part of the recent IABM BAM Live webinar. Tyrell’s incredibly skilled engineer, Greg Abell joined Stephen Sandford from Clear-Com and Simon Roe from Zest4.tv to discuss how the evolution of Clear-Com’s product line has supported customers during the COVID restrictions. 


During the webinar Simon shared the reasons why he selected Clear-Com for his business. Zest4.tv have a Clear-Com Eclipse-HX Delta matrix based around AES67 audio over their gallery panels and wireless comms. Clear-Com has a unique feature set where the same panels connected via AES67 can be removed from their truck to be connected over public networks using a very mature Clear-Com protocol called IVC. From an outside broadcast perspective, this makes Clear-Com’s solutions the best choice for flexibility. 

Stephen Sandford, Clear-Com’s product manager shared his pride in a couple of recent developments from Clear-Com that have made remote production intercom a lot easier for customers. The LQ 4-wire and 2-wire to IP Interface and the Agent-IC/Station-IC Virtual panels have become key for providing IP links at a low budget.

Remote Production

On a recent job with Groovy Gecko for the clothing brand Pretty Little Things, Clear-Com’s connectivity options allowed Zest4.tv to produce the show remotely from their control room in Sudbury. Simon shared how Clear-Com enabled him to be the only engineer managing audio and video onsite in Manchester. Using Freespeak connected to an LQ Interface, Simon was able to walk around the venue whilst maintaining social distance and still being able to talk to his control room in Sudbury.  

Simon and his team have replicated this setup on further jobs commenting that Clear-Com’s quality and lack of latency makes it feel like they are in the same room, even though they are miles apart. 

Tyrell, Zest4.tv and Clear-Com also discussed how the use of cloud technology is changing how remote productions are managed. There is now a natural evolution towards the virtualisation of intercom matrices rather than shipping hardware around the world. 

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