Welcome to the Knox Media Hub…

Have you ever wondered what a connected data centre / cloud infrastructure might look like for a media company? Whether you’re a content owner or a broadcaster, you really should take a look at what the Knox Media Hub can do.

Tyrell have been collaborating with the Knox Media guys for over 18 months now,  and we firmly believe that they offer a simple, streamlined user interface to manage all of your media assets on-line, but off-site in a data centre.

So impressive is the Hub, that KnoxMedia have recently captured the imagination of the all3media group, where they will be using the Hub for their entire catalogue of 11,000 hours of content! This will allow all3media to make their content available and viewable etc…. to their entire organisation with offices across Europe, America & Asia Pacific, letting the cloud providers sort out the required international hardware and the scaling and support issues.

So, what’s new for KnoxMedia at NAB 2019 ? Ok, standby for the sales pitch, because we really do love this bit of kit – it’s ALL new, because with their solution everything is possible and they are constantly refining it.

Because the Hub is modular, you can choose which bit you use and it would be very rare that you’d use the entire solution. But the great thing is, you only pay for what you do use! Now that is great, right?

So, if you’re a content owner, broadcaster, production, post production house or even a worldwide distributor, we can guarantee that there is something that KnoxMedia Hub can do for you and your audience.

Video Ingest, Transcoding, Metadata, Media Asset Management, Quality Control, Tiered Storage, Delivery / Distribution & Playout it’s got it all. And the easy thing is, we can set it all up for you remotely.

If you’re currently struggling with making the budgets works for on premise equipment, because you don’t have long-term strategy, or if you need to store, share and backup your video assets and deliver them in unknown formats, or even if you are just curious about the pay as you go model, please Knox on the Tyrell door and ask us about it! We will listen to your requirements and advise you on which part of the knoxmediahub can help your workflows.

Welcome to the brave new world…