Pixit Media continue to build on impressive functionality


Pixit Media, the de facto standard for Post and Broadcast in the UK, had no major release at NAB this month, but they are continuing to build agile functionality into their already impressive software-defined storage solution.

The show did see the launch of Pixstor 5 however, which continues to build functionality on top of the brands already very impressive software offering. Features include Incredibly fast and intelligent searches across a single namespace, coupled with high security and the start of AI integration. This, on top of incredibly fast read and write speeds, and highly customisable control over all aspects of integration into your pipeline, makes it easy to see why so many customers have already invested in the impressive Pixit solution.

Another exciting development for Pixit at NAB 2019, was their 8K playback, or as they have coined it AnyK playback, which is based upon limitless scale and bandwidth. Now, at Tyrell we know that most are only just really starting to address 4K, but it’s pretty comforting to know that the capability is there without having to raid Fort Knox to finance it!

Tyrell have already installed a number of Pixit Media systems and would very much welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you about the benefits of Pixit and how it can help you centralise your workflow. We know that we can help save you time, hassle and money – so what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!