It’s all about Iris for Clear-Com at NAB 2019

NAB for Clear-Com this year is all about their Iris full colour display talkback panel. This is a talkback panel with a difference, and one that really asks questions of its competition. There are a number of key of points that excite the Tyrell team about this panel, and we’ve picked out our favourites below:

  • Iris is the only talkback panel on the market that is Analogue, AES67 and WAN/Internet capable in a single box. This offers you an incredibly flexible talkback panel suitable for all connectivity requirements.
  • Iris is the only talk back panel on the market that can stream 3 channels of AES67 (or G.722) between it and can host an IP matrix card.

What do you need to know about Iris?

  • Available in the usual Rotary, Lever and push button models.
  • Vibrant 10-Character full colour displays.
  • 64 Iris Panels connected by AES67 or G.722 to Clear-Com’s E-IPA Card. Or 32 Iris panels connected to the IPA predecessor the IVC-32 card.
  • Requires EHX v11.
  • Supervisor mode- previously panel to panel. Now supervise a panel from EHX software.
  • Iris Panel Colour Assignment based on key role.

Iris can help improve your intercom system with the latest IP audio technology and keep you organised with vibrant colour-based groups. The V-Series Iris family includes the Lever, Pushbutton and Rotary models, to learn more about this exclusive latest software from Clear-Com, get in touch with the Tyrell team today.