ABonAIR mark an Industry First and Unveil Agile New Features at NAB

It’s no secret how great we think the guys at ABonAir are, so we’re not at all surprised to be seeing some amazing new additional features to their already feature-rich product range. Exclusively at NAB this year, the team will be showcasing their new Teleprompter and Video Return system for their current AB612 and AB512 wireless video systems, for the very first time.

This is an unprecedented move from ABonAir, and an industry first. These new features mean that a wireless camera channel can be used for any production camera as Video, Audio, CCU, Teleprompter, Intercom Tally & Video Return and can all be transmitted over a single wireless system, all with sub 7msec daily – prefect for any live event.

Given the nature of live events, equipment has to flexible – something which doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with a wired camera system – but thankfully, this is something that ABonAir have addressed with distinction by now providing the flexibility of a wireless roaming camera with the feature set of a wired fixed camera, in up to 4K resolution. Oh, and the range is incredible, up to 3 miles in a recent test!

To sum up, it’s really great when manufactures talk to their customers and actually listen to their feedback, it’s even better when that feedback is developed as a new upgradable feature for existing hardware, ABonAir have done this time and time again and we applaud them for their continued and consistent agility in meeting customer needs, it certainly does make our job easier!

So, if you are after something a little more intelligent than just a generic A to B wireless system, then you seriously need to look at ABonAir for your next live event.