Media Composer- 30 Years old and Still Turns Heads With the 2019 Makeover

30 years ago, Avid broke new ground with the revolutionary non-linear editor, Media Composer, which changed the game forever. Now, with three decades of innovation and experience under its belt, Media Composer has gone through its biggest makeover to date with the launch of the latest 2019 version.

The new design has a modern look and feel as well as a host of new, incredibly exciting features, and there really is a lot to discover. So, let’s find out what we can expect from Media Composer 2019…

The first thing that strikes you in the 2019 model is the crisp modern look and feel, it lets editors focus on their creative task without needless clutter or distraction, and it really works! This is the Media Composer like you’ve never seen it before. Every window, menu and panel has been carefully rethought and reimagined to be more beautiful, more intuitive and more inspirational for user creativity. 

Utilising new light and dark skins for any operating system, the new model provides support for high DPI monitors, plus an added expanded 32-color palette for labelling and organizing clips in your timeline. The new user experience features a panelled interface that reduces clutter, reimagined bins to find media faster, and task-based workspaces showing only what the user wants and needs to see.

We all know that too many floating windows can cover up tools, content, and key information and disrupt productivity. The Media Composer 2019 aims to solves all of that with a panelled UI with panes that change size automatically when you resize other panels. You can also use the default layout for a particular task, then drag and drop to rearrange panes to your preference, then add or remove panels as needed.

Avid have worked hard to enhance usability by creating a bin map which shows users which section of the bin they’re viewing, not unlike a world map in a video game, meaning that you’ll no longer waste time finding what you need in a bin full of clips. Specific clips are easier to locate, and users retain the value of their bin organization. Even more impressive are the adaptive bin frames that adjust automatically to prevent clip names from overlapping. 

Users can create and deliver higher-quality content with editing, effects, colour, audio, and finishing tools without ever leaving Composer. The new built-in 32-bit full float colour pipeline can handle 8K, 16K, or HDR. Plus, Avid has been working with OTT content providers to help establish future industry standards.

With its incredible new features, innovative design, and deep, powerful improvements, we’re really enjoying the new-look Media Composer 2019. It’s reimagining to make editing, finishing and delivering more intuitive, more interactive and more efficient will no doubt have a massive positive impact on customers and we’re excited to see what a real difference it will make for many of our clients.

Media Composer 2019 will be available in late spring for all of its models: Media Composer | First, Media Composer, Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise.