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Haivision NAB 2024

Haivision made a few interesting announcements at NAB 2024. Here are our top two!

Haivision Rental Promo

Take advantage of our Q2 Haivision rental promo

Haivision Q2 BeOnAir Promo

Save over 30% on Haivision BeOnAir Bundle

Encoding blogs and whitepapers

Latest and greatest encoding blogs and whitepapers

Haivision Makito X4-1.4 Release 

Haivision releases new 1.4 software for Makito X4 Encoder and Makito X4 Rugged Encoder

Haivision aquires AVIWEST

Haivision announces their acquisition of AVIWEST

Haivision Makito Updates

Haivision makes Maktio Updates including 25% Lower Latency and HDR Decode

On-Demand SRT Webinars

Catch up and listen to our SRT Webinar Series

Register Now- Tyrell SRT Webinar Series

Join Tyrell & our partners for the SRT Webinar Series

Tyrell and Haivision form new partnership  

Tyrell and Haivision form new partnership